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Mold In Your Air Ducts? Here's What You Can Do About It

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Dust that accumulates in your air ducts can lead to microbial growth

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your employees and customers to provide a clean and healthy work environment. Doing this involves more than just sweeping the floors and dusting the furniture — it also involves inspecting the nooks and crannies to ensure that harmful bacteria, including black mold, isn't lurking in the dark. One place mold routinely develops is in the air ducts.

How To Spot Mold in Your Air Vents

When mold develops on the floor, walls and furniture, it's fairly easy to spot. However, when it grows in the air vents, it can continue to develop, undiscovered, for weeks or even months. That said, there are certain signs that may indicate you have a mold infestation:

  • Musty odors
  • Black dust around your air vents
  • Allergy-like symptoms in one or several employees

If you notice any of the above signs, it may be worth your while to call in a Capistrano Beach, CA, black mold remediation specialist to conduct a mold test and advise you on to proceed.

Removing Mold From the Air Ducts

Ideally, you should not attempt to clean the ducts yourself, as eliminating mold for good is a time-consuming and intricate process. If you suspect your ducts are housing fungus, contact a mold remediation professional. The professional will examine your ducts and the insulation surrounding it to determine the extent of the infestation. If your insulation shows signs of growth, you will need to replace it. Otherwise, the mold will re-infest your clean ducts.
Once the professional has determined the extent of the damage, he or she will then proceed to clean out and disinfect your ductwork with commercial-grade cleaners. He or she will also strive to identify the cause of the issue so that you can have it fixed. Otherwise, the mold will continue to reappear even after your remove it.
If you suspect there is black mold lurking in your air ducts, contact a mold removal company near you. The sooner you act, the less extensive the damage will be.

Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher for Your Home

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Different extinguishers for different fires

You have talked with your family about safety in the event of a home fire. You have an escape plan in place and each person is assigned to check on someone and help them get out. You have a meeting place decided on and a way to contact each other if cell phones are unusable. You may even have the number of a fire damage cleanup and restoration service in Aliso Viejo, CA in your emergency contacts. There another component to fire preparedness, and that is to have a working fire extinguisher in place and know how to operate it.

Different Extinguishers for Different Fires

There is a difference between types, or classes, of home extinguishers and that difference can make or break your attempts to prevent fire damage. You should never apply water to a grease or electrical fire for instance, but it is very effective for paper and cloth. Take a look at the basic types of extinguishers and decide what is best for your home.

  • Class A is made for flammable household items such as cloth or paper and wood
  • Class B can tackle small grease fires such as with cooking oil or gasoline
  • Class C is best for electrical fires such as in a circuit breaker or an overloaded outlet

A fire extinguisher is a tool and requires some instruction to be able to operate it properly. The time for learning is not when a fire breaks out. Some require that you keep the tank upright, while others will operate at several different angles. Make sure all household members know where the extinguisher is kept and how to operate it.
You should keep in mind that once a fire extinguisher has been used, it must be replaced or recharged to be useful again. Keeping a few throughout your home can help protect you from the ravages of a blaze and the expense of fire cleanup.

Preparing Your Business for Bad Weather

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Bad weather and frigid wind can affect your Laguna Beach, CA, business in a variety of ways.

When bad weather comes to Laguna Beach, CA, protecting your business from the elements can reduce the risk of costly accidents and damage. From a raging heavy storm to freezing rain and frigid winds, bad storms can be powerful enough to freeze your building’s pipes, damage your roof and cut off your power lines. However, there are a few actions you can take to shield your building and employees from harm once temperatures start to plummet.

3 Tips to Prepare your Business

  1. Allow Employees To Work From Home 

Shutting down your business due to bad weather can negatively impact your business’ finances. However, you can keep operations humming by allowing your employees to work remotely. Data wranglers, researchers and website designers can all work from the comfort of their homes and do not have to put themselves in danger in the event of a bad storm. You may want to have a remote contingency plan in place beforehand so work can continue smoothly upon notice of a work from home day. 

  1. Be Aware of Weather Warnings 

Using weather apps and streaming news services can keep you abreast of any possible bad storms and allow you to take action when it comes to protecting your business. For example, if temperatures are projected to drop into the single digits, a pipe burst in your building’s basement or bathrooms could cause a serious flood. Being aware of upcoming weather conditions can give you time to install additional insulation or contact a storm damage and flood cleanup service to retain their services as a precaution. 

  1. Inspect Your Roof 

Knowing whether your building’s roof could withstand a powerful wind storm can help you avoid a costly repair bill in its aftermath. Heavy rains can cause weak sections of the roof to collapse, and missing shingles may cause moisture to seep into the attic. It is wise to have the roof inspected before bad weather arrives. 

Bad weather and frigid wind can affect your Laguna Beach, CA, business in a variety of ways. However, being prepared in the face of an ice or snow storm may help you protect your property and employees.

FEMA Can Offer Aid for Flood Damage

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

FEMA can offer aid for flood damage

If a major flood event occurs in or around Dana Point, CA, you may not be entirely prepared. You would not be alone. Many multi-peril home policies do not include flood insurance. Depending on the scope of the disaster, the federal government may be able to lend a helping hand.

When Is FEMA Assistance Available?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency becomes active in areas that the President of the United States declares a national disaster zone. That means individuals can register with FEMA if they experienced damage to their home or property within a particular geographic range and within a designated time period. Once you are registered, you can apply for various grants or loans that pertain to your unique situation.

What Does It Cover?

If your property is located within the flood plane and experienced damage or loss, you are eligible for the financial aid, housing or even compensation if you've already gotten started with flood remediation services. These are typical forms of aid:

  • Temporary housing
  • Home repair not already covered by insurance
  • Vehicle replacement or repair
  • Medical costs and funeral expenses
  • Personal property replacement

Who Is Eligible?

It is not only homeowners who can qualify for federal aid; renters are accounted for as well. There are a wide variety of grant types available, so anyone who has lost or damaged property as a result of a disaster event may be compensated. If you already have flood insurance, you can still apply for supplementary grants. Every income level can be considered for assistance. Not even your immigration status can disqualify you for aid.
Large-scale weather events are usually beyond the capabilities of private insurance to handle. Sometimes, lots of people are stuck without flood insurance if flooding is not common to the locale. That's why the federal government steps in to support communities in their time of need. Don't be afraid to reach out for aid; you are probably eligible for some form of assistance.

3 Ways To Maintain Commercial Fire Sprinklers

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Maintaining Commercial Fire Sprinklers can protect any building from serious damage.

A well-functioning fire suppression system can spare any building in Laguna Beach, CA, from serious destruction mandating extensive fire damage cleanup and restoration. However, because this vital system is rarely utilized, it can easily be overlooked. Failure to complete routine maintenance can result in compromised fire sprinkler performance, which may have devastating consequences. To avert this scenario and safeguard your financial investment, you should abide by three important recommendations.

Three Important Recommendations for Fire Sprinklers

1. Eliminate Potential Blockages

To operate efficiently, sprinklers should be free of obstructions. To facilitate this requirement, refrain from stacking objects on high shelves directly below heads. You should also avoid painting these critical components.
Dirt and grime buildup can also form blockages that may interfere with adequate water flow. To alleviate this concern, routinely complete a fire sprinkler cleanup by gently wiping heads with a damp cloth.

2. Complete Annual Inspections

Conducting an annual system inspection is also vital. Routine fire sprinkler examinations allow you to evaluate essential components and address potential problems, such as corrosion, damaged pipes and calibration issues. It also provides an opportunity to verify the absence of internal blockages and ensure there is adequate water pressure.

3. Ensure Adequate Winterization

Winter can be a hazardous time for uninsulated, exposed pipes. Proper winterization procedures can protect your system. Specific seasonal preparation techniques vary depending on the type of fire suppression unit installed.
In a wet system, pipes are full of water. To minimize the risk of a pipe burst, your technician should verify adequate antifreeze levels during the annual evaluation.
Instead of fluid, some sprinkler pipes contain air, making them less vulnerable to freezing. Condensation can, however, develop in these systems. As a result, low points should be drained during routine maintenance.

A commercial fire can erupt without warning. Because a fire sprinkler may be the first line of defense, maintaining the system is an important preparation strategy that no business should ignore.

How to Protect Your Pets From a Fire

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

These simple steps can help you prevent fires and promote pet safety in the event of a fire emergency.

Approximately 500,000 pets are affected by fires every year, according to the United States Fire Administration. Promote the safety of the people and animals in your home in the event of a fire emergency by planning ahead. From preventative caution to making an evacuation plan that includes pet safety, here are three pet preparation steps you can take today.

3 Steps to Protect Pets From a Fire

  1. Avoid open flames. Cats or dogs may knock candles over or singe their tails in open flames. Try a flameless candle alternative instead. You should also consider the risk posed by knobs on a gas stove. If you leave your pets unconfined at home while you are away, you may want to block the kitchen entrance or install protective covers to prevent pets from accidentally turning on the gas. 
  1. Include pets in fire safety and evacuation plans. Prepare to safely evacuate pets along with the rest of your family in a fire emergency. Obtain and put up a front window cling to inform firefighters of the number and types of pets living in your home.
  1. Gather pet records and supplies in a fire box. Store this box near an exterior door so that you can quickly grab all of these items during an evacuation. Make sure to include ownership and vaccination records as well as spare collars and leashes in case you need to control or restrain a frightened pet.

These simple steps can help you prevent fires and promote pet safety in the event of a fire emergency. You may also want to keep other home ownership or insurance records in a place where you can also easily find and take them in the event of an evacuation. Depending on the extent of a fire, you may also want to keep the number of a certified residential fire damage restoration company in Laguna Beach, CA, with these records.

3 Cleanup Steps to Expect After a Toilet Floods

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Cleanup, Drying, and Sanitation of the Area

3 Cleanup Steps to Expect After a Toilet Floods

If your company property in South Laguna Beach, CA, has experienced sewer damage then you may have decided to contact a water damage restoration service. There are a few steps you can expect to see these professionals perform when restoring your property.

1. Cleanup, Drying, and Sanitation of the Area

The first steps you can expect to see your restoration company take is to clean up, drying and sanitation of the effected area. If the water damage comes from toilet overflow or sewer backup then they may also contact your sewage company for any appropriate steps. When it comes to water damage it's important to get the water removed in the area dry as quickly as possible to help prevent possible mold. Sanitation of the affected area is important because it helps prevent potential contaminants from settling in to the property.

2. Inspection for Related Damages

In most cases, especially with sewer damage, you may see the professionals checking for any related damages. This may mean damp carpeting or flooring where water could have soaked in, damaged drywall, and other damage. Dampness left by the water could lead to potential mold growth. If problems are found, you can expect the restoration company to consult with you about making these repairs as well.

3. Replacement and Repairs

After the area is cleaned up and inspected for further damage, the repair and replacement process can begin. In some cases you may want to completely replace damaged property as opposed to repairing it. One example of this may be a flooded toilet in need of a new sealing gasket.

A water damage restoration service is trained on how to properly deal with sewer damage and other water damage types. This means they know how to properly clean up and dry the flooded area as well as how to sanitize it against potential contamination. You may also see these professionals inspect for related damages before they began any replacement and repairs.

Common Toilet Problems and Easy DIY Repairs

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

A leaking toilet may indicate a problem in the water supply line

As a Capistrano Beach, CA, homeowner, you don’t want to call a plumber for every little repair job. In your frugal mind, a leaking toilet or clogged pipe is simply not worth the service fee. If you are experiencing one of the following three common toilet problems, consider fixing it yourself. Not only will you save a little money, but may also earn some bragging rights.

For the Toilet that Doesn’t Stop Running

A running toilet comes with the recognizable sound of running water. If your toilet is endlessly refilling, you may have a leaky flapper. Start by doing the following:

  • Turn off the toilet’s water supply
  • Remove the old flapper
  • Replace the flapper with one of the same size

If this toilet repair doesn’t seem to work, consider replacing the flush valve seat as well with parts found at your local plumbing supplier.

For the Leaky Toilet

No one wants to walk into the bathroom to discover sitting water around the base of their toilet. A leaking toilet may indicate a problem in the water supply line. Find the area where the shutoff supply valve connects behind your toilet or under your sink. Wrap the packing nut on the water supply line with cloth and tighten it with a pair of pliers.
If the leak persists, turn off the water main in your home and disassemble the toilet’s shutoff valve. When inside, bend and loosen the neoprene rings a bit before cleaning and reassembling them.

For the Wiggly Toilet

An old toilet may accrue gaps and shift overtime. Start by tightening the bolts at the toilet base with a crescent wrench or pliers. If wiggling persists, shims can be used to fill gaps that are making the toilet uneven to the floor. Once the toilet is stabilized, apply a fresh line of caulk around the base to hold it in place.

If water damage from your toilet has occurred in your home, look for a water cleanup team near you. Never let a simple toilet fix throw a wrench in your day. These DIY tips will help you repair a leaking toilet in no time.

Explaining How and Why Mold Grows on Bread

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth on bread

Reaching into your cupboard and finding fungus growth on your bread is a situation you’ve undoubtedly experienced before in your Aliso Viejo, CA, home. Bread mold is incredibly common, as is fridge mold overall, leading many to speculate what causes it to form on food at all. Read on to discover how and why mold targets food products like bread and what you can do to prevent it in the future.

How Mold Finds a Home on Your Food Products

The growth of mold is generally inevitable, as spores are everywhere, even in the air. Moreover, it likes to breed in places that offer conditions which are easily habitable:

  • In warm, humid climates
  • In darker environments
  • On items that act as a sustainable food source

Therefore, bread becomes an obvious choice for mold to grow on. Bread products are often left out in room temperature spaces, such as on kitchen countertops or shelves, or in darker bread boxes and cupboards, which see less light during the day.

Why Mold Chooses Bread and How To Prevent It

As earlier stated, mold thrives off of sustainable food sources, and it enjoys the nutrient-rich ingredients of bread for its growth. Once it has taken root, it can spread outwards to other feasible foods, such as wholesome fruits and vegetables. This allows for widespread fridge mold to occur. Even though a fungus might prefer warmer environments, it can still fester in cooler climates as well.

If your situation becomes dire, calling on an experienced mold remediation team is crucial for effective treatment. Overall, there’s no foolproof method for preventing bread mold, but only storing enough to be used over a few days and freezing the rest of the loaf for later is the best course of action.

How You Can Take Precautions

Now that you understand how and why bread mold occurs in your Aliso Viejo, CA, house, you can use this knowledge to better prevent its growth. This is the key to a happier, healthier home.

What To Expect in a Fire Restoration

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Dana Point, CA

Fire Restoration Steps Professionals Go Through

In the event that your Dana Point, CA, home has suffered fire damage, you may be looking at hiring a fire restoration service to conduct repairs. You may also be wondering what you can expect from this restoration process. Here are a few steps the professionals taking care of your home may go through.

1. Assessment and Planning

The first step that often occurs in a restoration is the assessment and planning of the repair process. This allows the professionals performing the restoration to look over the damage and formulate the proper restoration steps.

2. Mitigation

Another important step in a fire restoration is ensuring that any mitigation steps that are needed have been taken. These are things that can help prevent a fire again in the future, such as checking over wiring or other parts of the home that may create a fire risk.

3. Damage Removal

Once the team has formulated a plan and gone over any mitigation and safety steps that needs to be taken, they can begin the removal of debris and other damage. This may include damaged items, but smoke damage can be removed as well. Damage cleaning needs to occur before any repairs are made to ensure but no lasting harm remains in the home.

4. Repairs

Repairs are what many people expect to happen when a restoration is conducted at their home. However, this is often the last step. In order for repairs to occur a home must be cleared of debris and prepped so that everything can be safely restored back to working order.

When choosing to have a professional perform a fire restoration at your home, these are the steps you can expect to see them go through. An assessment will not only help them determine the best way to conduct the repairs, but may also lead to some additional fire mitigation that can help keep your home safe in the future. The service will be able to provide a variety of damage removal, including smoke, and then conduct repairs so that your home looks as though a fire never occurred.