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Third-Party Certification From the IICRC

3/23/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Third-Party Certification From the IICRC Our employees are trained appropriately

Third-party certification from an agency such as IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, is valuable to members of the restoration industry. A mitigation certificate from an independent organization means that a restoration company, its work, and its techniques have been thoroughly reviewed. The third-party evaluation often includes a review of training procedures and adherence to established industry standards. The endorsement gives customers, insurance companies, and business partners confidence in the cleaning and restoration professionals.

Additional Resources

With certification, companies in Dana Hills, CA, may have access to valuable resources from the independent agency. These advantages may include

  • Cutting-edge concepts and procedures
  • Marketing materials relating to certification
  • Webinars and other training
  • Convenient renewal processes

Third-Party Certifiers

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is one of the leading organizations providing inspections, approval, and certification services. Experts from the Institute inspect, audit, and assess the procedures used by restoration professionals. The objective reports from an impartial party help cleaning and restoration companies make decisions about how to improve their services. Products and procedures that receive approval and certification from independent organizations are more likely to deliver top results that satisfy customers.


SERVPRO Industries has worked in the restoration and mitigation arena since 1967. In addition to obtaining third-party certification from the Institute, they have established a National Training Center to pass along certification and to be sure that each employee is trained appropriately. The Institute Training Program is accompanied by an e-learning program, continuing education, training for new franchisees, and employee certification courses.

Valuable Benefits

Certification from a third-party company such as IICRC helps restoration and cleaning professionals develop the procedures and work to keep claims costs down. It helps companies gain brand awareness with a reputation for top-quality results. Close associations with third-party certifiers is also a great way for company leaders in Dana Hills, CA, to gain access to important resources.

A Vendor That Knows What You Want

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO A Vendor That Knows What You Want SERVPRO working hard to make it "Like it never even happened"

As an insurance agent in Lantern Village, CA, you know that restoration contractors run the gamut from nightmare to dream. You want local contractors to ensure your customers get help as quickly as possible, but local contractors vary in quality, and you can spend too much time checking up on vendors to make sure they meet the bar. You need a preferred vendor that can reach everywhere your customers live, and you need one with reliable standards and practices. You want a vendor that treats your customers like their customers, and you need a group that makes the job of your adjusters much easier. This is exactly why many agents have chosen SERVPRO as a preferred vendor.

What Customers Want

You know contractors in your vendor program are a reflection of your agency, and customers even see vendors as an extension of your company. This is one reason SERVPRO is a top choice for insurance agencies nationwide. You want what customers want, and your customers value:

  • A fast, initial response
  • Knowledgeable service professionals
  • A quick and thorough cleanup
  • Quality restoration

What Adjusters Want

As an insurance agent, you are happy that your customer is comforted by the quality and professionalism of your vendor. This vendor has the power of national standards and practices with local reach. Your adjusters are also happy because they know the fast response and resources mean limited damage and limited cost. Your adjusters also appreciate:

  • Fast response
  • An accessible, centralized claims information center
  • IICRC training and practices

Getting What They Want

When disaster strikes, your customers may be scared. Many times, the first impression a customer gets is the one made by your preferred vendors. These vendors can do a lot to ease or ignite customers. SERVPRO is an insurance agent favorite because they get it. They know that sometimes wants are beyond needs. They know what your customers want, and they know what your adjusters need.

Keep Your Pet Safe in a Home Fire With a Pet Evacuation Plan

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Keep Your Pet Safe in a Home Fire With a Pet Evacuation Plan Place your pet near a door so firefighters can save them

If a fire occurs in your home in South Laguna Beach, CA, your first priority should always be to get yourself and all your family members out safely. While you should leave belongings behind until a fire restoration company can retrieve them, you will likely not want to leave your pets behind. It is important you have a plan in place to evacuate your pets in case a fire emergency ever occurs. A good place to start is by including your pets into your home escape plan.

5 Pet Preparation Tasks You Should Complete

Preparation is key when it comes to protecting your pets in a fire. In case your pets are in an unsafe location that you or your other family members can’t get to, there are several steps you can take to better the chance of their rescue:

1. Place your pet near a door so firefighters can quickly save them.

2. Keep an updated pet alert window sling on the front window of your home.

3. Set aside a disaster supply kit just for your pet in the case of a fire emergency.

4. Place important pet ownership documents and proof of vaccinations in a fire box.

5. Teach your pets the “Come” command so you can easily direct them towards you.

Creating Your Pet Evacuation Plan

In addition to these important pet safety tasks, you will need to create a pet evacuation plan for your pets. Assign a specific individual or two to being in charge of retrieving the pets. If your pets are located in a specific part of the house during the night, identify several different routes to that location. Lastly, make sure to practice the evacuation plan several times.

Keep your pets and family members safe by having a well thought out plan if a fire emergency ever does occur. While your pets might be able to escape safely on their own, you can increase the chance of their rescue with these tips!

5 Ways To Eliminate Bathroom Mildew

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 5 Ways To Eliminate Bathroom Mildew Bathroom mold containment in Aliso Viejo,CA

Five Ways to Prevent Fungus Growth

Mildew and bathroom mold grow in bathrooms that remain warm and moist after bathing is over. Here are five ways to prevent fungus growth and perform a mildew clean.

1. Run a Bathroom Fan

Dry out a bathroom by operating an exhaust fan during bathing and for a half-hour afterwards. Ventilation fans are rated based on cubic feet per minute. The lowest recommended CFM rating for a small bathroom with a shower and toilet is 50 CFM. Add an additional 50 CFM for each toilet, shower, or tub.

2. Squeegee Shower Walls and Doors

After a shower, tenants or occupants should wipe down the walls of the shower enclosure with a squeegee to reduce residual moisture. If a shower enclosure has a door, a squeegee can also prevent buildup from forming.

3. Prevent Leaks and Splashes

If showers have curtains, recommend the use of liners. The liner should hang inside the shower and the curtain should remain on the outside. Shower splash guards can also shield the sides of an enclosure. It is also important to ensure that water does not leak out of the enclosure. If it does, replacing caulking or grout may be necessary.

4. Regularly Scrub Tile and Flooring

A clean bathroom is less likely to develop mildew. Fungi require moisture and food sources to grow. Low moisture levels and clean tiles are less likely to support growth. Use mildew clean solutions to maintain bathrooms.

5. Wash Shower Curtains, Rugs and Towels

Porous shower curtains, rugs, and towels can support mildew growth. Ensure that these materials dry out quickly and wash these items regularly to prevent mildew.

All of these measures can keep mildew from developing in bathrooms. If a mildew odor or other evidence of bathroom mold persists after a mildew clean and following these steps, schedule a consultation with mold mitigation experts in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Prepare for Burn First Aid at the Office

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Prepare for Burn First Aid at the Office Call emergency professionals in Dana Point,CA

Many people in Dana Point, CA, review safety protocols during fire safety month, making this a great time to review proper first aid for burns as well. Now is the time to share this information with your designated emergency team because the best response to a fire damage emergency is preparation.


While burns can be very painful, not all of them require a trip to the hospital. Be sure that you know when to call 911 and how to administer proper burn first aid. If the burn victim has any of the following symptoms, call emergency professionals:

  • The burn looks leathery or charred with areas of brown, black or white coloration.
  • The affected area is three inches in diameter or greater.
  • The victim has difficulty breathing.
  • Electricity, explosion or chemicals were the source of the burn.
  • The face, genitals, feet or hands have been burned.

While you wait for emergency responders, you should make sure the source of the fire damage has been eliminated and treat for breathing or shock, if necessary. Do not try to remove clothing that may be stuck to the skin.


If emergency care is not needed, go ahead with first aid. You should treat burns with three simple steps:

  1. Stop. Turn off the source of electricity, if relevant, and stop the source of the burn.

  2. Cool. Apply cool water to the burn for 10 minutes. Keep in mind that ice water is not appropriate for larger burns because ice can cool down the body temperature and cause hypothermia.

  3. Cover. Burns are covered to keep bacteria out, to reduce infection, and air out, to reduce pain. Use sterile pads, cloth or clean plastic wrap. Plastic will not stick as easily as cloth and may be a better choice in some cases.

A personal injury can be devastating, but a designated and trained team can help. Fire damage to your building in Dana Point, CA, can also be mitigated by a good team. Commercial building fire restoration can be done effectively and efficiently so you can get back to business.

The Truth About Black Water: What You Need To Know

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO The Truth About Black Water: What You Need To Know Never attempt to clean black water on your own

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can clean their home post flood themselves and that all potential dangers will miraculously disappear. This is not the case. In order to understand why the DIY approach is never the safe approach to water damage, it is important to understand the three types of water:

  • White water
  • Gray water
  • Black water

White water is water that comes from a known and uncontaminated source. Gray water contains additions, such as soap, fat, oil from cooking and even human flakes of skin. Water that is black, however, contains harmful contaminants, such as fecal matter, chemicals and disease-causing pathogens. For this reason, homeowners should never attempt to clean up water from an unknown source on their own.

The Safe Approach To Flood Cleanup

If your home becomes flooded by an unknown water source, the best thing you can do is contact your Laguna Beach, CA, water damage restoration team. The right team has the necessary protective gear to clean up the mess in a safe manner and to prevent pathogens from further contaminating your home. Moreover, a professional team has the equipment necessary to effectively dry out your home and prevent secondary damage, such as rot, buckling mold, from occurring.

The Bottom Line

Unless you know where the water that invaded your home came from, it's best to leave restoration efforts to the professionals. If you know where the water came from, and if the original source possibly contains chemicals, fecal matter or other harmful bacteria, leave the cleanup to the professionals. Even if the water is gray or white water, you may still want to call in the experts, as the experts can thoroughly, quickly and cost-effectively dry out your home to prevent further water damage, primary or secondary. The bottom line: when flooding occurs, your best bet is to work with the professionals – if not for your sake, then at least for your wallet's and your home's.

Laguna Beach & Dana Point Fire Fighters: A Thank You

7/14/2016 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Laguna Beach & Dana Point Fire Fighters: A Thank You Thank you to the men and women of Laguna Beach & Dana Point Fire Departments for all your hard work.

California based natives have to endure hot sweaty summers with the sun blazing down on long hot days while the night’s heat is still smoking throughout the long May through September months. It is too often that we forget that there is some one our community who fight the heat all year round and do so at any given moment. We at SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point would like to take a moment to thank all of our local Firefighters for their hard work, sacrifice and endless effort throughout the year. It is through them and their resources that we are able to better understand fire safety for our community. Be sure to take a moment to visit the Laguna Beach local Fire Department pagehere or the Dana Point Fire Department webpage here.

Based upon information from our local heroes, there are four main fire stations in Laguna Beach and two in Dana Point. These six stations work year round to be ready at a moment’s notice in case an emergency should arise, but to be better prepared, these stations went that extra step to care four our community by providing to us a Disaster Preparednesscheat sheet. It does more than cover Fires. It covers earthquakes, emergency safety kits, floods and even those wild fires that happen from time to time. They even make learning safety fun with a special kids zone here.

The Fire Departments in Dana Point take it further to keep us informed on information such as smoke alarmsand just what we need to be on the look out for when it comes to use and maintenance. It is all too often that the disasters we encounter are a direct results from the steps in safety not taken. Also through the Dana Point Fire Website you can access information about SONGS(San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations), which covers health and safety in Dana Point and in the surrounding cities as well such as San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano.

After all is said and done, with all the information provided to us as a community, what it boils down to is that we wants to say THANK YOU! Thank you to all involved in helping our community stay safe. To the fire fighting crews, the dispatchers who take the emergency calls, to the first emergency responders, the volunteers and the online information teams...THANK YOU! We are proud to work with you those endless hours to help keep our communities safe and disaster ready.