Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Failed Fridge from Storm Damage

Bad Smelling Restaurant from Thawed Fridge When the storm caused the power to go out it caused the fridge to thaw out. The smell from the rotting food filled th... READ MORE

Technology Is King for Water Mitigation

The water that is in your commercial budding might be hiding behind the walls. You may have walked into a room that smelled moist or musty. That smell could mea... READ MORE

Broken Pipes in Laguna Beach, CA

When you have standing water in your commercial building it’s important to turn off the water right away to stop the flow of water. Every minute counts wh... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in a Church

Our team was called to clean the duct works in a large church in Laguna Beach. This is an important job due to the demand for clean air quality in a commercial ... READ MORE

Flooded theatre in Costa Mesa

Getting everything dry before a big production! Two days before opening day this performing Arts Center had a water loss affecting over 20,000 square feet of th... READ MORE

Wall Cavity Drying in a Doctor's Office

Irvine Medical Facility suffers water damage to the corridor and several offices. SERVPRO was able to dry the structure and keep all offices open for business. ... READ MORE