Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Garage full of storage items that have major smoke damage

When a fire damages your home we can help you

Fires leave behind a film of smoke and soot on every surface of your home.

Smoke and soot will land on every surface and it can be difficult to clean depending on what caused the fire and what other items were burning as a result. This will determine how our fire restoration technicians will restore the damage.

Kitchen suffered from Fire in CA

This kitchen suffered from fire damage after a grease fire.  The team responded and immediately began cleaning smoke and soot stains.  The kitchen had a total kitchen remodel.  Contact us for your fire restoration emergency. 

Smoke Damage after Fire in CA

This home suffered from smoke and soot damage.  The team at SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques to remove the smoke and soot stains.  The team responded and restored this home back to pre fire conditions. 

Fire Damage in Laguna Beach

This home suffered from significant amounts of fire damage.  The fire destroyed the home down to the studs.  SERVPRO arrived immediately to access the fire damage and start the process. 

Fire damage in large commercial facility.

Large Grease Fire in Anaheim

A kitchen grease fire spread into the seating area of this restaurant. We are in the process of cleaning out and planning out repairs with the company to ensure that we get them back in business as soon as possible.

Shower head with damage.

Smoke Damage to Metal in Laguna Beach Home

These pictures show the damage the smoke does to metal surfaces. The acid in the smoke etches metal. Had these items been cleaned immediately and a metal protecting agent applied this would not have occurred. Because the customer decided to wait they now need to be replaced. Insurance may or may not cover pay for this damage. It is always important to respond as quickly as possible to avoid further damage after a fire.

Aliso Viejo Firefighters

Our Account Manager Sara had the privilege of being able to visit on of the Aliso Viejo Fire Stations. They were polite and allowed her to take a few pictures of them as they trained. These men work hard even on their off days. Thank you to the crews of the Aliso Viejo Fire Stations. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is happy to be part of the emergency response team that follows this team into any fire disaster.