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Protect Your Restaurant From Mold in 3 Steps

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

drywall has been removed, insulation showing up with mold growth. Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to grow.

Steps To Prevent and Treat Mold

Mold is unpleasant in any business, but it can be especially unwelcome for business owners in the food industry of Treasure Island, CA. Not only is some food at risk of contamination, but an inspection finding hidden mold growth can also garner negative publicity for your establishment. To prevent the ordeal of having to clean up mold and your restaurant’s reputation, follow these three steps to prevent and treat mold.

1. Inspect Likely Mold Locations Regularly

If a location is damp and dark, mold is likely to grow there first. As a part of routine maintenance, areas under sinks, above ceiling tiles and behind fridges should be inspected, as they are likely to hide mold.

Locations around water pipes and the utilities connected to them are also worth keeping an eye on for any fungus. While the appearance of the area where customers eat may seem a priority, it’s equally important to maintain the rest of the building.

2. Keep Yourself and Others Vigilant for Loose Water and Mold

Your staff should be informed to report any sign of water damage or mold growth immediately so it can be remedied without delay. The longer stagnant water stays untreated, the more likely mold will find its way there. Especially during seasons of high humidity or an especially damp kitchen, your employees should be watchful for any warning signs.

3. Fix Any Mold Problem by Targeting the Source

Most cleaning supplies only add water to the mold and make the problem worse. While they may clean the surface, the mold’s roots stay alive and continue to reproduce. Water and mold are best handled by the tools and expertise of a company specializing in water and mold removal. Without water for the mold to fester, the fungus will have nowhere to settle and will instead die off.

Growth of your restaurant doesn’t have to be hampered by mold growth. By keeping your building free of mold in every room, you can pass inspection and protect your investment. Your patrons deserve a welcome environment and good food; the mold doesn’t.

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