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SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point Gives Back to Local Charities

8/2/2016 (Permalink)

Always here for our community.

At the start of every year SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point lays in front of us a list of community services we would like to be involved in, either as sponsors, volunteers or organizers. With the year half over we have to go back and see our list and start checking some off. So far, we are happy to report that we have quite a few checked off our list:

  • Race on the Base 2016 in Los Alamitos proved to be both exciting and helpful. Some of our employees were challenge to run in a 10K (6.2 miles) to help benefit the Wounded Warrior & Rock for Vets Charity projects through the Los Alamitos Air Force Base. 
  • OC Trail Runin Irvine pushed out employees even further to help raise awareness and funds to support the Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Running a total of 7.1 miles through the trails of the Irvine wild life really helped our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point employees connect with Mother Nature.
  • Continuing with the theme to pushing the limits, a few of our employees ran in the Southern California Terrain Race in Lake Elsinore. It was a 5K (3.1 miles), but it included over 15 obstacles such as rope climbing, wall jumping and getting down in the dirty mud. This community services was purely driven to help promote healthy life styles for everyone in our communities.
  • Finally coming back closer to home, SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point took part in the Los Angeles City of Anaheim Angels 5K and fun Run to help benefit the Angel fund. The Angel fund included involvement with the improvement of Education, Healthcare, Art & Sciences and community related involvement for the youth in the Anaheim area.
  • After helping kids in Anaheim we went to Long Beach to do the Wrigley River Run 10K that helped raise funds for at risk youth in the Long Beach area through the Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation (LBNF).
  • Finally we recently were able to zone in on helping a community of people that is really close. The Hemophilia Walk in Los Angeles was amazing and helped to raise funds and awareness for those with various levels of Hemophilia.

We have many more community involved runs, charities and events coming up through the next couple of months, so be sure to check in on our SERVPRO team and our events here. If you would like to get involved with us feel free to contact us at 949-831-6201 or online here. We would love to be more involved with our communities in and outside the Anaheim Area. To see a few snap shots of the fun we had in helping our communities, check out our pictures here.

SERVPRO and American Red Cross Partnership

6/22/2016 (Permalink)

We don't want to just help fix disaster, we want to help stop it.

A few years ago, in March 2013, SERVPRO annd the American Red Cross began a partnership that would soon grow into a beautiful community based program. We recently renewed this partnership in January 2016 with a new outlook and new plan in place for how we will be able to help our communities even more. From last year’s push of assisting in a variety of home owners, business owners and commercial property owners in setting up an Emergency Readiness Plan (ERP), to the now working even more closely with supporting Disaster Responders for the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign.

            This new way of helping our community is going to be wonderful to focus on the residential community. With our support with the Disaster Responders, it will make it possible for them to assist affected families with quicker relief, better information and more up to date technology by providing trained volunteers, supplies and the proper emergency response vehicles. As a huge bonus, our involvement will also help transform community sites into shelters.

            Moving forward, SERVPRO of Anaheim West will be working closer with the local fire departments and fire safety companies to spread the word about the urgent need to be as best prepared as possible for when disaster strikes. We will now be an even bigger part of the community as we hoped we could be prior, as well as being able to continue to provide excellent service for existing services within the program, like ERPs and community based Fundraisers are just a few examples of the continuing work we provide, we will also be allowed to interact with the community on a multitude of levels. Be sure to be on the lookout for your local SERVPRO at the next school function, city fair, fire safety community course and many more to come.

            For other community events we have coming up please see us here and to see past community event involvment please see us here. If you have any questions that you would like directly answered please give us a call at 949-831-6201.

American Red Cross & SERVPRO in Orange County

1/29/2016 (Permalink)

When disaster strikes, be it a single family home or a large city block, the damage is always devastating to those involved. Some damages seem irreversible, while others appear to be a band-aid fix. To us, they are all the same and we want to make sure that the road to recovery is efficient and speedy for all parties involved. Unlike many other restoration companies, however, we wanted to be more proactive. We didn’t want to wait around for disaster to strike; we wanted to help people be better prepared for when disaster did strike. SERVPRO and The American Red Cross have come together to be more proactive when it comes to Emergency Preparedness so that when damage does hit, those involved will be better prepared to handle whatever disaster has come their way.

SERVPRO is now the official national sponsor of the American Red Cross Ready Rating program, which helps businesses; schools and organizations become prepared for the disasters and emergencies that always seem to be around the corner. Hopefully as we reach individuals professionally through this program, they will soon implement such preparedness plans into their personal lives as well. Ready Rating members, such as us, have access to one of kind tools and resources for evaluating and improving our ability to help withstand disaster, maintain operations and protect lives and property. One said tool is the Emergency Readiness Plan application that can be downloaded and accessed from any smart phone or smart device. It helps us have one to one with potential customers so teach them what to do when various emergencies may occur. Be it fire, water, mold or a natural disaster, we are able to leave our clients with this FREE app on their device to give them peace of mind that they are now better prepared for the “what if”. It is just one more way we go the extra mile at SERVPRO to ensure that we are doing all we can to help people in need. As the saying goes, “It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

New Facebook For Laguna Beach & Dana Point

1/13/2014 (Permalink)

Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach / Dana Point has a new Facebook page!

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