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Effective Water Damage Restoration

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Effective Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is no laughing matter. Whether the water in your home or water in your business has come from flood damage or an internal source, it is imperative that water cleanup begin immediately. Generally speaking, if you have water damage to your home or water in your business it is not something that you'll want to try to handle yourself. Allowing water damage, which will often be hidden from view, to stagnate can cause major problems to home, eventually requiring expensive restoration measures. With prompt action, water damage can be controlled, saving the structure and its contents.

The water cleanup and restoration process

The primary goal of the water cleanup and restoration process is the mitigation of damage to the structure and its contents. Measures involved in the mitigation of damage are fairly well established and will have consistency from one water restoration company to the next. One thing that is important to realize, however, is that you will most likely want professional help for any water cleanup task that involves more than a few gallons. The consequences for not immediately beginning mitigation and restoration procedures can be severe, leading to extensive structural replacement costs and, in severe cases, even condemnation of the property.

The water cleanup process begins with a phone call seeking professional help. Any significant water in the home should be handled by professionals. You don't want to allow water that has seeped into spaces that aren't readily visible to fester. It can cause structural compromise, create foul odors and lead to mold and mildew formation.

Assessing the extent of damage cause by water in the home

Once water mitigation professionals have been contacted due to water in a business or home, the first step they will take is to assess the extent and severity of the damage. This is one of the most crucial aspects of controlling and restoring flood damage or other sources of water damage.

Professional restoration companies have sophisticated equipment at their disposal. These include hygrometers, infrared equipment and other sophisticated means of scanning for water in businesses or homes that has escaped visual detection. It is absolutely crucial that these measures be taken. Not doing so may allow water seepage to fester, destroying structural components and forming mold.

The technician will also assess the threat level of the flood damage and the type of water contained. For water types known as grey and black water, additional measures may need to be taken, in order to ensure safety of the home or business' occupants and to comply with all federal laws.

Water removal

The third step in the restoration process is the removal of water in the home or water in the business. Again, this is a job best left to professionals, who have access to industrial strength vacuum systems and pumps that can eliminate thousands of gallons per hour and operate in submerged conditions.

Drying, dehumidification and protecting furniture and other items

Once standing water has been completely removed, the next step is drying the home or business and its contents. This is another reason that a team of professionals will make things go many times smoother than attempting to deal with the problem oneself.

Professionals use special subflooring heaters and industrial dehumidifiers that can make fully drying a home within 48 hours of the flood damage event easily achievable. Attempting to dry a home without having the adequate equipment and expertise will almost certainly lead to missed water, leading to severe problems down the road.

After completely drying the home or business, the restoration process begins. This includes replacing any carpet that has been removed, touching up furniture that may have been tarnished, replacing compromised structural components and moving all items back into the home. With the right team of experienced professionals, the home or business will appear as if nothing ever happened.
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