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Do Not Make Your Flooding Problem Worse

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Do Not Make Your Flooding Problem Worse Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage in your home or business.

Flood water is one of the most persistent home problems facing residents of Laguna Beach, CA. One of the reasons for that is the lack of clear information on the common pitfalls homeowners face during their water damage remediation process. People who find themselves with a flooded home should try their best to avoid:

* Attempting to solve the problem alone
* Prolonged contact with flood water
* Procrastinating on paperwork

Get Professional Opinions

Even in cases that don't warrant hiring a pro to deal with water damage, it rarely hurts to get a professional assessment of the damage. Having an expert identify the extent of water damage might prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Water soaks into unexpected places, such as cinder block and concrete, and it causes more problems the longer it remains there.

Wear Protective Clothing

Flood water is almost never clean. It could contain chemical contaminants from a home, biological disease agents from a public sewer system or some mix of the two. Anyone planning to have contact with flooded areas, however briefly, should consider using protective gear. Wading boots, long and heavy rubber gloves and even eye protection might all be good options. Of course, the best alternative is to minimize contact with the contaminated water and avoid it entirely, if possible. This also helps avoid hazards that render boots and gloves ineffective, such as submerged sharp objects or live electrical wires.

Stay in Touch

Flood damage remediation requires the involvement of many different people. In addition to concerned family members, insurers, repair technicians and cleaning crews all need consistent updates. In many cases, banks or mortgage companies are also invested in a flood. While practical and safety concerns usually take precedence, it is also important to keep everyone up-to-date on the situation.

Flood water is a major disaster for homeowners in Laguna Beach, CA but avoiding some common issues might help mitigate the damage. Adequate communication, comprehensive safety measures and professional involvement all go a long way towards speeding up the repair process and avoiding complications. Visit for more information on storm damage.

3 Tips for Staying Safe After a Flood in Your Home

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

No matter the cause, the aftermath of flooding in your Laguna Beach, CA home can be devastating. Standing water from a broken pipe, contaminated water from rivers or creeks, and the dangers of mold can all be safety hazards present after a flood. While it can be important to assess the damage, there are a few tips you can remember to keep yourself and your family safe as well.

1. Avoid Electrical Outlets and Systems

Flood water in a home due to a broken pipe can cause severe damage to the building's electrical systems and create shock hazards to people and pets. You may want to avoid entering your home or the flooded area until you are sure the power is off, and seal the room to prevent anyone from entering the area if possible. If you must go into flooded rooms, consider wearing knee-high rubber boots and heavy rubber gloves to minimize the danger of electric shock.

2. Do Not Immerse Yourself in Flood Water

Flooding that enters your home due to overflowing streams and rivers can pose a serious biohazard. These waters can contain human pathogens that may cause gastrointestinal distress, bacterial infections and dangerous viruses. Avoid immersing yourself in these waters, and wait for a professional flood cleanup company to drain it away safely before you enter your home.

3. Do Not Disturb Mold

Mold is a common occurrence after flooding; however, it is a good idea to avoid touching it. Touching growing mold can cause spores to detach and spread to other areas of your home. Once mold spreads, it can be difficult to treat. Take photos for your insurance company, but otherwise, let your flood cleanup professionals deal with its treatment and removal.

Whether a broken pipe or mother nature causes flooding in your Laguna Beach, CA home, there are a variety of dangers that might be present afterward. Knowing how to keep yourself and your family safe can avoid disaster and tragedy until help arrives. Visit for more information on water damage. 

Plant Mildew: How You Can Deal With It

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

If your house plants or outside vegetation is coated in what appears to be white powder, your plants may have mildew. Plant mildew is a fungal disease that affects a surprising number of greenery in Laguna Beach, CA. The mildew, like all fungi, feeds off its hosts and drains plants of nutrients. Over time, affected plants may become too weak to bloom. Fortunately, there is a way you can combat mildew growth on plants. If you want to ensure that your houseplants and garden growth flourish, here is what you need to know:

• There are several different species of plant fungus, the most common of which is powdery mildew.
• Powdery mildew can thrive in warm, dry environments as well as wet, humid ones.
• Powdery mildew typically affects the leaves of plants but in severe cases can spread to the buds, flowers and fruits.
• At-home remedies can help but usually don’t cure the problem.

Controlling Plant Mildew

If you discover powdery mildew on your plants, you may be tempted to try the much-touted baking soda trick. Many plant owners claim that spraying a mixture of one tablespoon baking soda, half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and one gallon of water on their plants can keep mildew at bay. While this method may help control mildew growth, it’s not a cure.

Curing Plant Fungus

If a fungus has already taken hold of your plants, you need to employ a more aggressive technique. No, you don’t need to invest in pesticides; rather, all you need to do is go to your refrigerator or local dairy section. Mix one parts milk with two to three parts water and spray the mixture on your plants every 10 to 14 days. If that doesn’t kill the fungus (though it should), you may try chemicals, such as potassium bicarbonate or copper fungicides. These are stronger treatments and require careful handling.

Plant mildew may not kill your plants, but it is unsightly and it can reduce the number of blooms, fruits or vegetables your plants produce. Fortunately, the issue is usually easy to combat. If you have an extensive case of plant fungus, professional remediation may help.
Visit for more information on mold. 

When the Power Goes Out at Work, Here's What You Need To Do

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Losing power can be frustrating in general, but when your business loses power, it can be downright debilitating. Not only do you have to worry about the safety of your employees and customers, but also you must contend with the downed systems and, quite possibly, lost data and information that are par for the course with a power outage. While there is nothing that you can do to protect against losses accrued during that initial moment of blackout, there are some steps you can take to minimize further loss:

- Stay calm.
- Turn off all electronics and appliances.
- Think generator.
- Report the outage to your local Laguna Beach, CA electric company.

Stay Calm

It goes without saying that you need to remain calm if you want to keep all of your employees and customers safe. A panic during a blackout may only result in unnecessary injuries and, therefore, increased liability for your business.

Turn Off Electronics

Though the power is already out, you need to turn off and unplug your electronics. This will help you preserve as much information and data as possible. When the power comes back on, you may experience a power surge, which could end up frying your systems and gadgets. Typically, it's when the power comes back on after a power outage that the most damage occurs.

Think Generator

If you have a portable generator, now is the time to bust it out. A generator or other alternative energy source, such as a power pack, can allow you to conduct business as usual even when every other business around is down.

Report the Outage

Once everyone is calm and additional safety measures are met, reach out to your Laguna Beach, CA electric company to report the outage. The company may have information for you regarding the source of the outage and be able to provide you with info about when it expects your power to be restored.

A power outage can be frustrating, but there are ways that you can help minimize loss. Stay calm, remember to unplug, turn to your generator and report the issue to ensure the outage goes as smoothly as possible. Visit for more information on commercial storm damage

3 Steps of the Mold Remediation Process

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

When you discover black mold in your building in Laguna Beach, CA you need to take immediate action to address it. This work should always be carried out by mold cleanup professionals. They know how to handle the entire mold remediation process efficiently so that the building is safe for everyone once again.

1. Determine the Extent of Contamination

When the professionals first come out, they will need to determine how far the mold has spread. You may be able to see mold in one room, but it could have easily spread behind the drywall or to other areas. For the remediation plan to be successful, the crew will need to conduct a thorough examination of the building to see what areas have been affected.

2. Remediate the Situation

For this part, there are many actions the crew may perform depending on what type of mold your building has and how far it has spread. First, they will need to ensure the moisture problem is addressed so that the black mold does not grow back. Additional steps that may need to be performed include:

• Suppressing the flow of dust
• Removing all damaged items from the room
• Cleaning the surface of non-porous substances
• Cleaning the floor and drywall
• Allowing the area to dry

3. Review the Building

Once everything is taken care of, the professionals will conduct another examination of the building to ensure there is no more mold. In addition to making sure there are no visible signs of it, the crew will also need to ensure that no spores spread into other areas. Once this is done, you can have the peace of mind that your building is free of mold.

Many safety precautions need to be taken when dealing with black mold, so leave this work to the professionals. The experts will make sure your building is safe for everyone before calling it a day. Visit for more information on mold.

Reasons To Have Professional Smoke Odor Removal

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, it only takes a couple minutes for the soot and smoke to settle into fabrics and other materials. This can leave behind a pungent odor, necessitating immediate smoke cleaning. It will not be enough to simply spray an air freshener around the area. The smoke odor can potentially make a property in Laguna Beach, CA uninhabitable, so do not delay this treatment.

1. Professionals Know How to Safely Remove Odor

If you attempt to remove the odor yourself, then you may inadvertently breathe in soot.

2. Professionals Bring in Better Ventilation

You can help the ventilation process by bringing any box fans you already have into the affected room to air it out. You should also open up all the windows to help smoke cleaning. However, even with all this, you still need smoke damage professionals.

3. Professionals Prevent Discoloration

You do not even want to attempt removing soot on your own. You need professionals to come in to make sure the soot is gone or else the soot is going to begin changing the color of your furniture and fabrics.

4. Professionals Prevent the Need for New Furniture

Prolonged soot exposure will make certain items completely unusable. It only takes a couple weeks for the soot to imbed itself in upholstery, and at that point, your only option will be to throw away the furniture. This can force you to spend a lot more money than you were anticipating.

Once the fire is put out in your building, your immediate thoughts should turn to remediation. Hiring smoke cleaning experts is the only way to ensure your belongings are safe, and there is a good chance your insurance can help you pay for it. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

5 Basic Tips for Fire Escape Planning

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Most people know the importance of having a planned escape route in case of a fire. Unfortunately, many do not know how to go about setting one up. If you are doing emergency planning, here are five tips on how to plan for a fire.

1. Involve Family

The most vital element to a solid fire escape plan is to involve the entire household. Bring your family together for a meeting and discuss the escape routes. Ensure that everyone understands. For small children, drawing a picture or map may be a good option.

2. Unblock Exits

Do you have furniture blocking doors or windows? Most people do not think about this if the door is not normally used or if it does not obstruct the window view. During a fire, you will not have time to move furniture. It is important that you have the exits clear.

3. Install Smoke Detectors

A part of your fire escape plan should be to have an alert system. If you own smoke detectors, make sure they have batteries. If you do not have enough detectors, then you need to rectify that. If you are not sure where to install them, a professional service can help.

4. Choose Meeting Place

During a fire, it can be chaotic. Make sure that you have a set meeting place for everyone afterwards. This is especially important for young children who may be lost or disoriented outside.

5. Practice Plan

Every great fire escape plan is only good if you practice it! Do this regularly to guarantee that everyone remembers it. You never know when a fire might start. It is best to have it memorized and practiced.

While you hope you never have to use your emergency escape plan in Laguna Beach, CA you do not want to be caught without one. You can never know when disaster is going to strike. You and your family’s safety should come first.
 Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Prepare for Flood Cleanup

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

After a flood, the cleanup can be daunting. Luckily there are ways you can prepare for a content cleaning without adding on extra stress. Here are four steps to dealing with the impact of a storm on your Laguna Beach, CA, home.

How To Remove Water

Content cleaning can’t begin until after you have removed the water from your home. Keep in mind that you should never try to remove the water yourself. A specialist can do this safely and effectively without you having to worry about handling every drop of moisture.

How To Assess Damage

With the water extracted, it’s time to take stock of what’s been damaged or lost in the flood. Look for signs of mold and mildew on walls and furniture. You should make two separate lists: one for what should be tossed out and another for what can be saved.

What To Throw Away

If the item has a porous surface or has sat in black water for too long, you may have to throw it away. Contents typically on this list include:

• Cardboard
• Stuffed animals
• Mattresses
• Carpet

Additionally, you will probably have to throw out all paper products.

What To Keep

While paper products should almost always be discarded, if you have an item of significant or sentimental value, you can have a freeze-drying contractor preserve the item. Aside from that, the kinds of items that you can save are generally the ones with non-porous surfaces or that weren’t touched by the flood waters. If it can be cleaned, you may be able to save it.

A home flooded with black water can be stressful and difficult to deal with. It’s important that you don’t hesitate, however, when it comes to content cleaning. After all, damage can become worse if you let it sit. It’s best to deal with it as quickly as you can.

Visit SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point at for more information about storm restoration.

What To Know About Secondary Damage

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

There are a number of damages associated with flooding in Laguna Beach, CA. While many of them are caused by direct contact with the flood water, that isn’t always the case. In fact, secondary damage can still occur after the water has been extracted.

Knowing the Signs

Before you dive into what secondary water damage is, it can help to know what signs to look for. After a flood, these are a few of the most common signs that your residence is being damaged by indirect exposure:

• Bowed wood floors
• Rotten wood
• Black mold
• Fungal growth

Any of these signs could indicate that your property is being damaged indirectly rather than directly.

Understanding Indirect Exposure

The simplest way to explain secondary damage is by referring to it as indirect exposure. This is damage that is done after the initial flood and without contact with the original flood waters. The way that this happens is that moisture can evaporate and contamination from the original intrusion of water can remain in the residence. The high humidity that this causes can lead to a spread of black mold growth that can be damaging to your property.

Preventing Damage

The best way to prevent indirect exposure is to act quickly when there is a flood. If you take a prolonged amount of time to clean up the water, it may lead to more contaminants and more places for those contaminants to hide. When dealing with a flood, utilize the help of a professional remediation service, which will be able to help you prevent further problems.

Secondary damage, or indirect exposure to contaminants and water, can lead to problems such as black mold, warped floors and even rot. This is why it’s so important to take care of a flood as soon as it happens. The problems that come later can be expensive and inconvenient.

Visit SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point at for more information about water restoration.

3 Vital Steps After a Pipe Break

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

A pipe break can happen during any time of the year but is more likely to occur during the winter if the pipes are in an uninsulated area of your commercial property in Laguna Beach, CA. Be advised that bursting pipes can cause extensive water damage in Laguna Beach and Dana Point, which is why it’s important to call a restoration company as soon as possible. Here are the three steps to take after a pipe break.

1. Stop the Water

Turn off the water immediately. After you shut off the main water supply, you need to drain the pipes. To do this, turn on the cold water on every faucet on your property and flush every toilet at least once. Then turn off the hot water heater and run the hot water on every faucet. Taking these crucial steps ensures the leak will stop. But you’re not done yet.

2. Reduce and Fix the Damage

At this point, it’s best to reach out to the professionals so they can fix the broken pipe. However, you might be able to locate the broken pipe yourself. Don’t walk in water as this bears the risk of getting electrocuted. It’s recommended that you turn off the electrical power no matter if the water is one foot or only one inch high. Furthermore, unplug appliances and turn off the furnace. If safe, you can move valuable items, electronics and fabrics to higher ground.

3. Call a Cleanup Company

Opening the windows and running fans run won’t prevent mold growth from bursting pipes. No matter how extensive you think the damage is, contact a water restoration company as there might be damage you are not able to spot. Mold and mildew begins to grow only 24 to 48 hours after such an event. You don’t want to risk your health and more damage to your property.

When your plumbing breaks, there’s little time to spare. Take these three steps immediately to reduce the water damage in Laguna Beach and Dana Point due to bursting pipes.

Visit SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point at for more information about commercial restoration.