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What You Can Expect From a Storm Damage Restoration Team

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

The weather in Laguna Beach, CA can be extreme, with flooding and hurricanes high on the list of concerns for homeowners, followed closely by hail and wind damage. If you own a home and are worried about what comes after a major storm has left your home in disrepair, don’t count your losses just yet, and give storm restoration a chance. A storm damage team will tear out any damaged elements of your home and restore it to like new in no time.

Below are a few things you can expect from your storm damage restoration team:

• Removal of damaged property
• Drying of wet areas
• Cleaning
• Restoration

One of the first places your restoration team will look to is the roof. The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so it will usually be the part of your home that receives the most damage. If your area was hit by torrential rains, hail or even extreme winds, the team you hire will go up to your roof and inspect it for any leaks, missing shingles or other damage.

If your area was hit by a flood, water damage experts will likely begin their assessment and cleanup efforts in the basement or on the ground floor. They will first dry out the affected area and then tear out any materials and fixtures that are beyond repair. Once the area is dry, they will thoroughly clean the area and make sure that all traces of flood water are gone.

The final stages of any storm damage cleanup are repair and restoration. This looks different for every homeowner and is all dependent upon the extent of the damage, where the damage is located and what caused the damage.

If your home was affected by a major storm, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and at a loss as to where to begin with cleanup. Don’t let yourself get worked up over the details. Hire a storm restoration team in Laguna Beach, CA to tear out the damage and restore your home. Visit for more information on storm damage.

3 Ways To Prevent Broken Pipes While You’re on Vacation

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Nobody wants to leave on a much-anticipated vacation only to come home to a broken pipe. If flooding occurs when you are away from home in Laguna Beach, CA you may not only have to deal with water pipe repair but also with the extensive water damage that can result from prolonged flooding. Luckily you can keep your house safe while you’re gone by taking a few preventative measures.

1. Check Before You Leave

Before you head out on your trip, it can be helpful to examine the pipes in your home to make sure that no problems already exist. By catching any problems before you leave, you could save yourself a lot of effort later on.

Some things to check include

• Hoses going to appliances
• Water heaters
• Pipes under sinks

Make sure all these elements are in good condition so you can avoid coming home to a flooded house.

2. Have Somebody Keep an Eye Out

Getting a neighbor or family member to check on your house while you’re away can only help. When it comes to flooding, time can make a huge difference. If there’s somebody who can catch problems early on and get any necessary water pipe repair underway, then you’ll be a lot better off in the event of a leak.

3. Turn It Off

Perhaps one of the best options is to turn the water in your home completely off. Using the water main in your house, you can insure that no new water reaches the pipes. If you are concerned about pipes freezing and bursting, you can drain them after the water is off.

If water damage should occur even after all the steps you’ve taken against it, you can always hire a damage repair company to assist you with water pipe repair and water damage restoration. Although there are always risks for flooding, you should feel a lot better after leaving your house prepared.

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Water Damage Cleanup Can't Wait

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

There are many ways that a home or business can become flooded. The most common is a pipe burst. If you enter your building to find flood damage, there are steps to fix it. The first thing to know is that you should never wait on taking care of the damage.

Mold Growth Doesn’t Wait

Mold is not going to delay for you to decide to start a mold cleanup. After 24 hours, mold begins to grow in standing water. Even if you already extracted the water, you are not out of the risk yet. Any moisture or humidity in the air can cause mildew and mold to grow. This is secondary damage. The damage from the mold can spread after the flood is over.

Structural Walls and Beams Can’t Wait

It may be surprising to think that an issue as minor as a pipe burst can cause your place to fall apart. However, the moisture that is still in the air can seep into the wood and structure of your building. This can lead to rot and irreversible damage. It does not have to be the outcome, however. Quick removal of the moisture can stop it from happening.

You Don’t Have To Wait

After a pipe burst, you do not have to wait to have it cleaned up. You should take care of water damage right away. When you call in a restoration service, the professionals will take the time to guarantee that your home is safe and taken care of. Water damage can get worse over time. While this may be surprising to some homeowners, this is why you need a professional to be able to tell what is normal.

Never wait for the water damage to get worse. Mold will continue to spread when left untreated. It can also spread if no one drains the water or dehumidifies. Take care of your Laguna Beach, CA home early, before the damage is irreversible.
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3 Tips for Preventing Mold and Mildew

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

3 Tips for Preventing Mold and Mildew

Once mold is present in your home, it can be hard to get rid of. Mold spores travel easily, and they can lay dormant for years, waiting for water damage, warmth and humidity to finally thrive. Because of this, the best way to protect your home from mold damage is to prevent it. Keep these three mold prevention tips in mind to keep fungus growth from wreaking havoc on your home and your finances:

Control Your Indoor Climate

Mold needs warmth and moisture to thrive, which is why it often emerges during the summer months. However, mold growth can occur at any time of year if indoor conditions are right. Set your AC too high and you risk creating a moist environment; set it too low, and you risk crating cold surfaces where moisture is likely to condense. The best indoor temperature for preventing mold growth is a moderate 78 degrees F.

Look for Standing Water

Water damage is the number one cause for fungus growth in Laguna Beach, California homes. If water is allowed to sit for more than 24 hours, your mold risk goes up; if allowed to sit for 48-72 hours, chances are high that mold has already started to spread. Check beneath your sinks, behind your toilets, behind your washer, dryer and dishwasher and in your basement for standing water. If you find any, call in a mold remediation team right away to kill the mold, dry the wet surfaces and provide tips on how to prevent future infestations.

Use a Dehumidifier

Mold needs a humid environment to thrive, so reduce the risk of creating such an environment and invest in a dehumidifier. Though a quality unit will cost you a bit upfront, the price will be a drop in the bucket compared to the price of mold-remediation. Pricier units attach to your furnace and treat the air throughout the house, while cheaper units are great for keeping moisture out of small areas.

Water damage and a humid environment are all mold needs to thrive. Fortunately, prevention is easy, and by keeping the above three tips in mind, you can keep fungi at bay and your home in good condition.
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The Basics on Fire Extinguishers and How To Use Them

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

The Basics on Fire Extinguishers and How To Use Them

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can limit damage when a small fire breaks out. The kitchen is one common room where fires can occur, so it’s important to make sure there is a working extinguisher near the stove. Physically checking the fire extinguishers annually can be combined with replacing smoke detector batteries.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Most homes use Class ABC extinguishers that are typically used to put out burning wood, paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires. They typically include the dry chemical monoammonium phosphate as the dowsing agent. While this may cause chemical damage in addition to the fire damage, the scope can be limited to the immediate area if the fire quickly subsides.

4-Step Use Process

Although all fire extinguishers should have visual and written instructions printed on them, it can be quicker and easier to remember the acronym “PASS” when you’re preparing to put out a small kitchen fire.

P - Pull the trigger on the top of the fire extinguisher.
A - Aim the nozzle at the source, or base, of the fire.
S - Squeeze the trigger to release the dowsing agent.
S - Sweep from side to side across the source, or base, of the fire.

Types of Fires

Fire extinguishers are meant to be used on smaller fires, rather than raging blazes that put your life at risk. If the fire is taller than you are, immediately call Laguna Beach, California emergency services for help. Use your emergency exit plan to ensure that all building occupants safely and quickly exit the building.


Having a working fire extinguisher that is easily accessible, and knowing how and to use it should a small kitchen fire break out, can limit damage and the threat of danger as quickly as possible. Once the fire danger no longer exists, damage assessment and restoration can begin. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Clean Up After a Home Fire

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

How To Clean Up After a Home Fire

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the loss of property following a home fire in Laguna Beach, California. Cleaning up the smoke damage and soot damage just adds to the stress and frustration. Here are some proven steps to cleaning and reclaiming your possessions after a fire.

1. Consult With a Contractor

If your drywall and/or insulation were soaked by water from the firehoses, it must all be replaced. It cannot be successfully dried out. The contractor will also need to check those walls for structural integrity.

2. Tackle Smoke Damage With TSP

Odors and stains from smoke and soot damage respond well to a mixture of 4 to 6 tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate combined with 1 cup of household cleaner that is added to 1 gallon of water. Clean from top to bottom, starting with the ceilings and ending with the floors. Wear rubber gloves and rinse everything well.

3. Prevent Mold Growth

Wipe down wet surfaces with a mixture of 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. This will inhibit mold growth. If you need to repaint, be sure the walls are completely dry before you do so.

4. Launder Soft Furnishings

Items such as drapes and upholstered furniture may require special smoke cleaning to remove smoke odors. Vacuum them first to clean up excess soot. If the fabrics are washable, wash them with a mild alkaline detergent to neutralize the acidic soot. Dry clean fabrics that cannot be washed.

5. Call the Professionals

If the smoke damage is very heavy, it may be necessary to call a fire restoration specialist in Laguna Beach, California This is particularly wise if you are unable to get the cleaning done quickly. The longer smoke and soot remain on your property, the greater the damage. The acid in the soot will corrode metals and permanently stain walls and fabric if not removed within days.
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Commercial Fire Damage as a Business Owner

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage as a Business Owner

If you own a business or commercial property, you know that a fire can break out a anytime. It can be a result of an electrical fire, utility room fire or some other misfortune. After the fire truck and firefighters leave, there will be a number of problems you still have to deal with. Your business is your livelihood, so any type of commercial fire damage can leave you at a standstill. There is water damage, smoke damage and soot damage caused by fire suppression that has to be dealt with. The first thing you should do is call professional fire damage experts restore your business back to its pre-fire form.

Before the team arrives, firefighters will attempt to secure the scene to make it as safe as possible. The will remove fire hoses, wires and anything else that can be a safety issue for the business owner and fire restoration team. They will make sure that the fire sprinkler system and any other fire suppression system has been disengaged. If it is a utility room fire, they will ensure the fire is completely out.

A professional fire damage restoration team will assess the damage begin a fire-recovery plan. The team will make every effort to salvage as much as they can. Electrical fires can do a great deal of damage. Not to mention the water damage done by a fire hose and the business's fire sprinkler system. A commercial fire damage team will spend as long as they have to eliminating the soot damage and smoke damage in your business.

Regardless of whether commercial fire damage starts with an electrical fire or utility room fire, we will make sure those areas are secured by firefighters before any work starts. All walls, ceilings, equipment, carpet and upholstery will be scrubbed and cleaned. Any lingering water from fire hoses and the fire truck will be extracted with professional machines. Machines will also remove the last residue of soot damage and smoke damage.

The sanitation process also ensures that every inch of the property is fresh, clean and free of odors. When fire restoration is done correctly, there will be no evidence that any type of fire damage took place. The last step is the restoration process. The business may need some minor repairs like replacing drywall and painting. Unfortunately, firefighters can cause a great deal of damage with fire hoses. Anything that can be restored will be.

There are, however, a number of safety tips that should be utilized before the fire restoration crew arrives. Fires can be very serious and there are multiple hazards that can and should be avoided. When fire trucks arrive, they will use fire hoses. You can potentially slip, fall and even be electrocuted.

If you see potential hazards, get your family outside immediately. Do not attempt to clean soot damage or smoke damage after an electrical fire. Only a professional fire restoration company can do this correctly. Anything related to fire suppression should be taken care of by the fire department. Do not attempt to dismantle the fire sprinkler system.

If your business has been damaged by a fire, the time to take action is now. Contact a professional fire restoration service as quickly as possible. After the fire trucks leave, the real work with commercial fire damage restoration begins. Fires can start in any part of your business. But utility room fires are most in businesses. The wires can get hot and quickly spark a flame. After that, it spreads quickly. If you have a fire sprinkler system in your business, it may help with fire suppression before the fire trucks arrive. Although the fire damage may be severe, fire restoration professionals can bring your business back to life very quickly.
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Overcoming Residential Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Overcoming Residential Fire Damage

Any home or business owner wants to deal with fire damage as quickly as possible. This is often easier said than done because of the various projects that need to be accomplished. The home or business has to go through a board up, there's fire cleanup, as well as residential or commercial fire damage to deal with.

Board Up Immediately

After there has been a fire in a home or business, it's important to board up. The reason to board up is to make sure that the building is secure. While there might be a smoke smell and the need to schedule fire damage restoration services, boarding up ensures that all entrances are blocked.

If there has been a fire in a business or a home, many people will try to break in. They use this as a prime opportunity to get inside because there might not be any windows or doors. With large boards blocking the entrances, it secures the premises more effectively. A restoration company can help with this.

Start on the Fire Cleanup

There are different types of fires. As such, there are different ways to put out a fire. Water, baking soda, and even fire extinguishers can be used. Each makes their own mess, which means that fire cleanup involves cleaning up after whatever was used to put out the fire.

Additionally, the fire cleanup will also include removing various charred and burnt items from the building. After there has been a fire in a home or business, a lot of damaged items will have to be removed. Often, fire damage is assessed by an insurance adjuster before any of the items are removed. Even if something is as a result of smoke damage or soot damage, it remains until insurance can identify all of the residential or commercial fire damage.

Create a Fire Damage Restoration Plan

Contacting a restoration company will make it easier to know what needs to be done after there has been a fire in a business or home. No one should work on fire damage without the help of professionals. Finding the right restoration company means taking the time to look at several companies. They should have experience with smoke damage and soot damage. They should also be able to handle a smoke smell. Looking at reviews and the BBB rating of a company will ensure that quality fire damage restoration professionals are hired.

A plan will need to be created to go over residential and commercial fire damage. The experts will talk about the total amount of fire damage and how everything will be restored. They will address the smoke damage, the soot damage, and the smoke smell.

A restoration company will take the time to look at everything to ensure that there is a plan to repair, replace, restore, or rebuild components. After a fire in a home or a fire in a business, there's no telling what could be affected.

Restore the Home or Business

The restoration company will be the one to handle all aspects of the fire damage restoration project. They will focus on the soot damage, the smoke damage, and the smoke smell.

By having professionals come in to work on residential or commercial fire damage, it provides peace of mind to the owner. They will take care of all aspects of the damage so that the building looks as though nothing ever happened.

If there has been a fire in a business or a fire in a home, there will be damage. Knowing how to overcome it and move past the tragedy is of the utmost importance.
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Professionally Restore Your Storm-Damaged Home

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Professionally Restore Your Storm-Damaged Home

When assessing how best to address storm damage, it is absolutely crucial that you first consult with a licensed water restoration contractor. Going into the repair process equipped with an objective and professional perspective is the only way that you can ensure a successful and safe home restoration. Whether your property endured flooding, hurricane damage, wind damage, storm damage, or ice damage, please remember that, for your safety, it’s best to evacuate the premises until the storm remediation process is completed. Your damaged home may contain nearly imperceptible dangers like ground water in the basement or you may have obvious hazards like roof leaks or flood water. Whatever the case, you’ll want an expert to evaluate the premises before stepping foot in your damaged home.


Seasonal storms are often accompanied by river flooding, so qualified storm restoration and water restoration services take into account any flooding that may have affected your property. Storm remediation often entails the removal of gallons upon gallons of flood water, an arduous process which requires a flood pump. In cases of hurricane damage and storm damage, ground water often comes to the surface and can enter the home, at which point it can only be removed by a flood pump. Water restoration crews always carry flood pumps as part of their toolset since they are the first people to call when you find flood water in the home.

Complete home restoration of your beloved home after it’s been subjected to river flooding or hurricane damage not only includes having the flood water sucked out with a flood pump, but, depending on your region and the time of year, may also involve roof repair addressing ice damage and hail damage, including frozen pipes and ice dams.

Ice Dams & Frozen Pipes

One type of ice damage that requires immediate storm restoration is ice damming. If you see an ice dam on your roof it’s imperative that you act quickly to reduce the amount of roof repair your home will need. After a heavy snowfall and several days of freezing temperatures ice dams are likely to form on your roof and damage it. This roof damage can quickly result in roof leaks making it critical that you have someone perform roof repair immediately to mitigate the storm damage. Ice damming can quickly lead to other issues such as flooding if not taken care of with proper storm restoration.

Wind damage, ice damage and hail damage can all cause roof leaks, yet ice damming can be the most harmful your roof and should be immediately removed by a professional storm remediation service. A roof leak or any roof damage can quickly lead to just as much moisture damage as river flooding or ground water in no time. If you have any roof damage, arranging for prompt roof repair along with a complete home restoration is a must.

Preparing for Storms

As long as people continue to live in areas where storms are common, properties will still be prone to hurricane damage, wind damage, and river flooding. In the winter months, hail damage, ice damming and frozen pipes are even to be expected. While there’s not a lot that can be done about inclement weather besides moving somewhere else, discovering professional home restoration and storm remediation resources within your community can help protect you against roof damage, ground water flooding and frozen pipes.

Storm remediation is too great a task to go it alone, so it’s important to get the help of water restoration and storm restoration professionals in your area to take care of any wind damage, hurricane damage or hail damage you have incurred or may yet incur this year. And remember, safety always comes first, so make sure to have your home professionally assessed before setting foot on the property.
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What to do During a Flooding Emergency

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

What to do During a Flooding Emergency

If you experience flood water in home because of a supply line break, the emergency can stress you, but the most crucial thing is not to waste time. You need to contact a home restoration and water cleanup company immediately! The supply line break and water damage can lead to mold growth that affects the household items, produces an irritating odor, and weakens the building structures.

Damage to the furniture, carpets, wood flooring, tiles, and walls will continue as long as the flood water and moisture remain in your house. The water in home can reach the gypsum board, sensitive personal documents, ceiling, or furniture through capillary action. However, quick, effective water extraction and a comprehensive drying process with the help of flood damage mitigation experts can save the day.

Why you require water cleanup and flood damage experts right away

Whether you have water in home or water in business buildings, it is only professional flood damage restoration that will help to prevent huge damage to your real estate property. The restoration of a flooded home is not something that you can effectively do without the experts. Experienced restoration company staff will follow the procedures below during the water damage mitigation:

Deactivate Electrical Services

Ensure the deactivation of all appliances and electricity connections at your gas valves, main breaker panels, or outdoor meter point. Your water supply might require turning off to prevent flows from the points with a pipe break.

Stop the source of Flooding Water in Business Premises

You can experience difficulties locating the source of the flood water in business buildings. The flooded home mitigation professional will find the supply line break that contributes to the gradual water damage, shutting off the domestic water supply, or seal the pipe break to allow for the drains unblocking exercise.

Prevent Long-Term Water in business Leakages

The interest of the restoration company workers is not just to clean up the flood water bothering you currently. The flood damage mitigation technicians will ensure the long-term service of your plumbing system. Further, the team will repair the supply line break, and also clean the sewerage network to prevent future water damage.

Professional Water Cleanup and Extraction

Water cleanup involves complex procedures and might need mechanical processes, water sump pumps, and high humidity vacuuming equipment. The failure to drain out the flood water as well as eliminate humidity can result in bacterial growth and molding.

Experts Drying Out of the Walls and Drenched Items

Do not think that the carpets, curtains, or furniture affected by water damage only require hanging outdoors. The professional restoration involves dehumidifiers equipment. The restoration company team is also careful with the appliances and electrical wires exposed to water earlier during the water cleanup.

Flooded Home Water Cleanup

DIY home restoration can overlook the particularly problematic places that the pipe break or flood water in home affects. The experts from the restoration company do not forget the areas that contribute to mold growth, smelly odors, pathogens, and microbes.

• The areas underneath the sinks, kitchen cabinets, or loose and dripping taps.
• Your washing machines connections and hookups.
• Checking the places below the dishwashers for water spill outs.
• The drywall for any signs of slow leakages.

Drying Wet Items

Flood damage remediation must include supply line break repairs, the removal of any soaked material in your basement. You need to ensure the removal of wet carpets and soaked materials that are part the insulation and drywall.

Disinfect the House after Water damage

Drying and disinfecting the entire business or residential buildings after the pipe break are part of the restoration process. Disinfection can safeguard the structural integrity of your real estate property, prevent harmful mold, spore, and micro bacteria growth.
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